Info on: Architectural Steel Fabricators in Melbourne and Victoria. Manufacturers of stairs, railings, balustrades, pool fences and general steel fabricators.

About Us

Flash fabrications was established in August 2004 by David Marsh who is still the current director.

Flash Fabrications employs a range of specialised, highly qualifies tradesmen from, Class A Sheetmetal workers, boilermakers and fitters, giving us a broad knowledge across all the metal trades.

Our factory is fitted out with all the latest welding, cutting and folding equipment and is always in a clean and professional condition at all times.

We strive to be the answer to all metal fabrication and installation projects throughout Victoria. Flash Fabrications works hand-in-hand with builders and architects and invite them to our company to be involved from the office to the workshop floor, we are always searching for the best end results.

Flash Fabrications specialise in customised and architectural metal fabrication in the construction industry and pride ourselves being involved in unique projects throughout Melbourne.

We have one simple mission statement that we stand by:

If it's made from Metal we can make it!



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